tirsdag 14. september 2010

Ehh, what?!

Go read this:
If you're thinking "tldr" (too long didn't read), then fuck you and go read it anyway! ;)

The reason I want you to read it is quite simple, to help stop the future of shitty movies.
Who the hell would make a movie about that anyway?

Do what ya can, make friends and family NOT see it. I feel that if this becomes a success movie, then they will keep coming up with crap ideas for movies and the future will consist of crappy fucking movies.

I am currently banned from /b/ so I don't know what action they are taking, but I think someone should check and create or continue campaigns to stop this madness.

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  1. I'm just showing my daily support,it would be awesome if you returned the fovor!

  2. New Blog Post and 9/14 love!

  3. Dude thats my blog lol. Awesome publicity. Thanks bro! Nice to know people actually read my stories.

    Extra support bombs dropped your way today.
    much love