lørdag 4. september 2010

TODAYS RANT: Female driver runned over by her own car?!

Now imagine that!
And no, there were noone driving the car when it happened.
I can not find any logical explanations then the car being parked on a very downhill road with the parkbrake on and then she figured she'll go for a walk and burn off some of her fat ass,
Now as fat as she is, the sting connecting the handbrake to the actuall brakes must keep her weight and the cars weight at the same time, so the sting figured "Nah fuck this, I'd rather burn my kids then hold her fat ass again".
So the sting let go, and off the brakes goes.
Oh yeah, she's also listening to some fatass music for fat people, so she did not hear the fucking car coming towards her.
BAM!! One less fatty in the world. (No offense)

But seriously though, being runned over by her own car while noone was even close so it, HOW is it possible?

Obviously it IS, in this simular accident:
So she tried to fix the car and then dies? WHY wouldn't she just ask someone who'd KNOW what to do? (And now I mean a non-female person, who knows how to use the fucking bitchass handbrake.) Sure suits her well for not being in the fucking kitchen. Stupid. (Still no offense)

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  1. Oh my god that was a little harsh. But it made me laugh. Keep up the good work ;)

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