fredag 10. september 2010

Info + Moar wallpapers

First off, thanks for the support - I appreciate it.
Due to lack of time to stick around on my blog supporting people, I am only going to support those who comment.
As long as you comment, I WILL read your blog/support you even if I do not comment back - I just don't always got the time for the comment. (And the lack of income also is not very motivating to set off the time I could use to do usefull stuff)
And the Wallpaper dump will continue also as long as you guys want it.

Sorry about my lack of time, will comment back when and if I got the time to do so.
For now, a few wallpapers:

13 kommentarer:

  1. butts

  2. that last wallpaper is really cool.

  3. showin daily support for cool blogs!
    View and follow me bro?

  4. Very cool blog!
    Nice i like it Supportin & follow you!

  5. Epic wallpapers, I've see the first and last two, saving the second.

    Anyways do you like zombie hookers? B-horror? Say hello when you got the time:

  6. i have a stiffy

    9/11 Love and Support!

    Never Forget!